Bhoomi Online Form, Mutation Register

We all know that to maintain the tradition of digitization that is happening in our country, the Government of Karnataka has come up with an online land record, through which residents of Karnataka state can easily access their land through online mode. Can check the record. Today under this article, we will share important aspects of Karnataka Bhoomi online land record system with our readers. In this article, we will share a step-by-step guide through which you can perform various procedures related to Bhoomi Karnataka Online Program Record System.

Bhumi Portal – Online Land Record Karnataka

The Bhoomi RTC portal has been designed and developed by the Department of Revenue of Karnataka State. The main objective through the Bhoomi portal is to develop and digitize all land records prevalent in the state of Karnataka. You can collect or withdraw documents related to your land across the state of Karnataka with the help of Bhumi Portal. Also through the implementation of this online system, many residents will be able to scan the amount of land they own in the state of Karnataka.

Land benefits of Karnataka land records

One of the most important benefits of Bhoomi RTC portal is the availability of land records through online mode. The online system of land records will help many citizens to scan their land which is across the state of Karnataka. Through this online system, citizens will be able to check the status of their land right from home. Citizens will no longer have to go to the scheduled government authorities to check the status of their land. This is a very important step in the digitization of some processes in our country.

Bhoomi Karnataka Portal Services

If the citizens visit the official website of Land RTC, they will get the list of services available to them: –

  • Kodagu disaster rescue
  • Rights, Tenancy and Crops Record (i-RTC)
  • Mutation register
  • RTC
  • Tippan
  • RTC Information
  • Revenue map
  • Mutation status
  • Mutation extract
  • Citizen registration
  • Citizen login
  • XML RTC validation
  • Dispute case register
  • New taluk list

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